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Bryan Adams chats before Strand show

Bryan Adams returns with his successful solo-acoustic concert tour to Shreveport with an intimate concert at the Strand Theatre tonight.

Adams has sold over 65 million records, toured six continents and achieved No. 1 status in over 40 countries around the world. With hits like, “Summer of ’69,” “Kids Wanna Rock,” “Can’t Stop This Thing We’ve Started,” “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You” and “Open Road,” Adams’ status as one of the great songwriters of our time has been solidified.
With his distinctive vocals and blue-collar songwriting skills, Bryan Adams’ music has endured for over 25 years, and the Canadian icon continues to keep making music that lasts.
The Times was able to catch up with Adams for a quick question-and-answer before his sold-out show.
Shreveport Times: So your “Live at Sydney Opera House” DVD is being released Sept. 2. Will you be having a big release party?
Bryan Adams: Not sure, I might have a “we finally got it done” party. It was such a labour of love to get it completed especially from a technical standpoint. We had issues with missing camera files and really shaky camera work, so the editing process was multiplied. In the end we had to use a special stabilising computer program on some of the cameras to to make the shots worthy of the good shots.
ST: Can you tell me a little bit about your experience in Sydney?
BA: It’s somewhere I’ve been going since the early ’80s. I’ve done lots of shows there, and playing the Opera House was kind of like a bucketlist gig. Somewhere I’ve wanted to play but never thought it would happen. It’s happening all the time these days with my Bare Bones Tour, since it’s an acoustic tour, I’m playing places I never played before.
It’s incredible. I wanted to get it on film in case the tour ended one day.
ST: I know that you grew up in Canada, and then resided in London, but I also read that you have a home in France. Which do you enjoy more, Canada, England or France and why?
BA: It’s no secret I like to travel. What you haven’t included is Jamaica and my time there, between recording two albums there, I spent nearly a year and had one of the best times of my life. I love that place, it’s really a healing island.

ST: Have you ever gotten to travel to Louisiana before? Specifically the northern part where we are located?

BA: Yes, I have. I’ve been to Shreveport a number of times.
ST: In 2009 you stated in an interview that your most memorable collaboration was with Tina Turner. Would you still say that’s correct?
BA: Yes. Working with Tina was a pivotal time for me, we recorded together and she took me on tour when I was nobody in Europe. It changed things overnight. My album was dead, the record company had buried it behind other more bankable artists, and with the Tina tour we suddenly put it back on the charts. It was an incredible moment.

ST: Out of all the guitars you’ve owned, which one is most special to you?
BA: I have a beautiful 1960 Cherry Sunburst Stratocaster. It’s been on all my albums.
ST: I was reading about your foundation and noticed that you were working on a project in Pakistan. What was important to you about this project?
BA: At the time, there had been a terrible earthquake in Northern Pakistan, and a friend of mine, who is a musician in Pakistan, wrote to me to see if I’d come and help him raise money for the people there by doing a show. I got on a plane with the band and put on a show. It was a massive thing to have done, and scary, too. Two weeks after we left Karachi, someone blew up the hotel we were staying in.
ST: As a photographer I know you’ve had the opportunity to photograph various celebrities. Was anyone hard to work with?
BA: Even if someone was hard to work with, i’m not sure I’d ever divulge that kind of info.
ST: Your current photography exhibition is at the Multimedia Art Museum in Moscow. Do you have any that are planned for next year — if so where?
BA: I have an exhibition in Vienna, Austria, at the moment, and the next one is in Berlin, Germany.
ST: Now for a fun question: Are you a fan of Lady Gaga and if so what do you think of her upcoming album “ARTPOP”?
BA: Big fan! I can’t wait to hear the album.

Photo:Bryan Adams will perform Friday at the Strand Theatre in downtown Shreveport. / Photo courtesy of Beaver Productions

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