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Bryan guest edits the October issue of Classic Rock Magazine

Bryan guest edited the October 2023 issue of Classic Rock Magazine in shops now!

“My first thought when I heard Classic Rock wanted me as a Guest Editor was: “Hell yeah, I’m gonna ask my favourite guitarist, Ritchie Blackmore, to do an interview with me.” I managed to get in touch and we had some good email conversations, but alas we didn’t do an interview. I did, however, offer my services to be the lead singer for his next incarnation of Rainbow if he ever toured Japan again. He said: “I might take you up on that.”

Classic rock, hard rock, metal, hair bands, whatever you want to call it, is the backbone of some of the best and most innovative music and lyrics ever made, and I’m happy to discuss or argue that with any of you – especially if you disagree!

The long road to the top of rock’n’roll isn’t an easy one. All of the musicians you know and love in this genre of music will have struggled to get there, and many would have been ripped off by record companies and managers, and had loads of in-fighting with band members. And many sadly are no longer with us. But let’s look at the sunny side: the music lives on and bands are going on the road; and those of us that know, know.

We know who we are as classic rock fans, we know we are different from the rest, and that if there isn’t a guitar on it it’s not gonna make it. So let’s tip our hat to the forefathers of classic rock: Elvis, Ray Charles, Buddy Holly, and everyone that got us to this place that we love so much. Long live classic rock.”

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Bryan guest edits the October issue of Classic Rock Magazine