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Bryan Adams has been named as patron of Build IT International

March 7, 2012

The Bryan Adams Foundation has been supporting the work of Build IT International over the last four years and was one of the organization’s first supporters.

“I agreed to become a Patron for Build IT International simply from seeing the results and dedication they have to making the lives of people better by teaching a trade and providing spaces to educate children,” said Bryan. “That’s what my foundation does, it helps people to help people.”

Build IT believes that everybody has the right to a good education, access to health facilities and a solid home to live in. The charity focuses their work in Zambia, where half of the adult population is unemployed. Around 64% of people live in poverty. Yet, there is a massive skills shortage in the construction sector and a desperate need for more classrooms, health facilities and acceptable housing. Build IT works with partner organizations and communities in Zambia to make a difference. By building schools, health facilities and housing with local materials and sustainable technologies, Build IT aims to help communities access the facilities they need.

On every project, they train local men and women in building skills and help them turn their training into work.

“We are thrilled that Bryan Adams has become Patron of Build IT,” said Andrew Jowett, Director of Build IT International. “Bryan’s enthusiastic support will help to raise the charity’s profile and recruit new supporters.”

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