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Song of the Day: Loverush UK ft Bryan Adams –

Thursday January 26, 2012

Rocker Bryan Adams doing dance records may sound strange, but don’t you remember the amazing track he did with Chicane “Don’t Give Up”? Or the fierce rerub of “Run to You” by Pascal? New for 2012, Bryan teams up with UK producer/promoter extraordinaire Loverush UK for the subtle yet anthemic “Tonight in Babylon.” Bryan’s voice is a bit more gravely and husky than I remember but it works well as a foreboding countermeasure to the gorgeous uplifting track. Mixes by Ronski Speed / Stoneface & Terminal, Steve Smart & Westfunk, Roger Shah, Protoculture and Timothy Allan are solid across the board which makes it hard to choose a favorite. Listening to the original track, it feels like a perfect song to close the night with. Watching the apocalyptic video confirms that notion.

Video – Youtube

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Image Courtesy of Badman/Polydor.