Bryan Adams
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WOUNDED: The Legacy of War Interview for Kaltblut Magazine

Bryan Adams may be best known as the singer, Adams has proved to be the master of visual arts, capturing stunning shots of musicians, actors or models. When he is not plucking guitar strings, you will most probably find him in the studio picking the right lens for the next photo shoot. In his last book “Exposed” Adams photographed everyone from Mickey Rourke to the Queen of England to his most recent book “Wounded – The Legacy of War” dedicated to wounded British soldiers. He started as a singer-songwriter who has received countless other awards, and Adams is a master at taking people on a musical journey, but when his photographs take centre stage, the path being navigated is one of visual connections, sometimes harsh and shocking; sometimes whimsical and witty. Wounded: The Legacy of War – Photographs by Bryan Adams! An exhibition from 12 November 2014 – 25 January 2015 at Somerset House, London WC2! Read rest of article and see images in Kaltblut Magazine